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Melting Ice Cream
Melting Ice Cream


Scent is the first thing that tickles your nose  when you enter a space. Of course its a common nature to follow the smell! Imagine, smelling something so good and looking like your favorite dessert! Remember though, all of that salivating your doing, you CANNOT eat it! Whether you’re in need a fun  gift to yourself or others, your in the right place. We’re honored and welcomed by you, therefore we make every product crafted with love and  care!

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About US

SugarMeMelts Dessert Wax Melts was founded in 2021 from a young aspiring entrepreneur! Everyone loves to fill their air with the perfect aroma , so why not make it fun! Wax melts resembles a candle in the  form of any structure you'd like. Therefore we combined two of the most addicting substances in the world(desserts and fragrances).I handcraft each melt with care and make sure it smells and looks great! Perfect for gifts, my melts are guaranteed to create that perfect ambiance for your home to smell amazing. Shop now and see for yourself! Every product made is handled with care to guarantee joy for everyone! Enjoy.



“I always had issues with getting wax melts or candles with a strong long lasting scent. I was ready to get my hopes up but when they arrived I was astonished! They smelt and looked exactly like cinnamon rolls and 1 lasted for 5 days! My home smelt like a bakery! I LOVE THEM!  .”

— Joshua E

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“I loveeee my cupcake wax melt! I had a cookie monster theme party for my daughters birthday and everyone loved the wax melt party gifts! They were soooo strong, even in the packaging! Will be ordering again! ”

— Tawanna G

Melting Ice Cream

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